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Activities in Lockdown


Dappled sun

Absolute stillness

The first sign of bright green bracken pushing through the leafy soil and the beauty of the wild flowers.

A mass of smiling stitchwort greeting us from the wayside and a few small groups of sapphire blue, the last of the bluebells.

Sky blue speedwell peeping every where, buttercups and red campion vying for attention.

The dauntless dandelion springing up all around us and cow parsley gracing the hedgerow.

Where the lane is shady jack – by -the – hedge salutes us.

Then a surprise – a tall, stately foxglove preparing herself for the first bumble bee.

Amidst it all the silver white, satiny bark of the birch standing tall with a very gentle sway.

No horses today but a friendly herd of young cows enjoying the lush grass and the cool stream.

Such simple pleasures to be savoured during these strange times.

Walking home to the joyful anticipation of a home made cream tea with lashings of butter, cream and strawberry jam.


( I apologise for even more wishful thinking!)


Written very early  on Sunday morning; Gillian



Today I am just Zoomed out!

Did I ask to learn a new language?

Where did I write that important password?

mute / unmute – if I don’t do it quick enough some disembodied voice does it for me.

A different waiting room; another kind of invitation.

Do I really want to be seen on everyone’s screen?

Just when I thought I had it sussed someone

suggests “jitsi” – it’s easier!

My knitting is calling me – knit one row, purl one

row; I can do this with my eyes closed or watching

the TV.

Roll on tomorrow when I can spend time walking

in the woods.


Gillian Martin (early Saturday morning).

TREES – 21.05.2020




“On the third day GOD said: Let the earth put forth vegetation; plants yielding seed and fruit trees of every kind, and trees of every kind bearing fruit with the seeds in it.” (1)

But there was also the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil and the first temptation of Man by Woman.

Is it still the same today?

But now it is Spring: Tiny self seeded saplings of Oak and Sycamore which our great grand children will enjoy walking through.

Tall Silver Birch stretching up to heaven with a gentle sway  as the breeze works it’s magic.

The Horse Chestnut with it’s beautiful, bright pink candles and Sweet Chestnut with it’s lesser flowers – both harbingers of Autumn’s bounty.

The Willows bending their bright green fronds towards the flowing river and the bright flash of the Kingfisher as it swoops down for his first meal of the day.

A Yew tree by the village church spreading it’s branches for over 500 years, watching over and blessing all who celebrate births, weddings and funerals.

The luscious Laburnum sending it’s golden cascade over the kitchen garden wall; the Elderflower with it’s full blooms beseeching us to pick them ready to make cordial for hot, summer days to come.

The graceful Larch with it’s tiny budlike cones which will  grow and swell ready to be gilded and silvered for our Christmas decorations.

Let us take a lesson from the trees:

“What do the tall trees say to the late havocs in the sky?

They sigh.

The air moves, and they sway.

When the breeze on the hill is still, then they stand still.

They wait.

They have no fear.

Their fate is faith.

Birdsong is all they’ve wanted, all along.”  (2)


(1) The Bible, Genesis ch 1 v 11

(2) An Altar in the World – Barbara Brown Taylor.


"Hope" is the Winner!

Gillian won the Penny Rivers' Poetry Competition on the 6th June 2020.  Here she is pictured with her poem entitled 'Hope'



What I did in lockdown


I have made these "ear savers" for Sendscrubshub - the elastic on the masks goes over the buttons on the back of the head instead of the ears - I've got more in progress.  


Janice has spent her time undertaking this beautiful jigsaw puzzle (see pictured above) which must have taken her a long time to complete!

Our "Poppy  Project" is begining to  take shape (see above) with the crochet and felt poppies being sewn onto a poppy background by some of our "Stitch & Chat" team.  More poppies are still needed before this project is complete, so keep making!


Janice, Veronica and Pearl enjoying their tea.

Pictured left: Gillian, Niki and Jeanette keeping cool!

Some pictures from our gorgeous cream tea at Secretts PYO last Wednesday, sitting outside in the shade, on picnic benches.  The scones,cream and jam were delicious!  We were even able to pick some fruit while keeping socially distanced.  A wonderful afternoon curtesy of Niki and Secretts.


Beryl and Diana pictured left.

Janice celebrated her birthday at Lightwater Country Park on Wednesday.  We enjoyed eating her birthday cake!

Jacky and Gillian enjoying their picnic lunch  at Lightwater Country Park

We had a beautiful sunny autumn day for our WI outing to Lightwater Country Park recently.  Here are several photos of our picnic and exploration of the several lakes, before having a much needed ice cream!

Our WI Outing to Lightwater Country Park on Wednesday 16th September 2020.

The Scrabble Club meeting in the sunshine!

Poppy Fall


The finished "Poppy Fall" is displayed from the pulpit at St Peter & St Paul C of E in Godalming.  It was created by our WI members making all the individual poppies.  It was ready for Remembrance Sunday on 8th November and is now displayed in St Mark's Church, Ockford  Ridge,

Ockford-Godalming WI, with members of the Townswoman Guild laid poppy wreaths at the Godalming War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday 8th November.  The crochet poppy wreath was made by Maggie Maile.

Remembrance Sunday


Here is the ribbon picture created by Maggie Maile while on a residential course at Denman College.  This was just before the lock down and the sad news of Denman closure, so very poignant.

Jacky has created this flower picture during lock down.  She found these beautiful embroidery flower picture cards from cigarette packets which she made into a framed picture.

It is with great sadness we have to report the recent death of a well loved and greatly respected Ockford-Godalming WI member, Margaret Atkins. She had been a member since 1996 and will be sorely missed.  Margaret was willing to give many things a try - not least riding a bike which she did not so long ago!

Margaret enjoyed art and here are two of her framed paintings (on the right)


The Surrey Virtual Vixens is a new on-line group which meets monthy on Zoom.  Details below.


Surrey Virtual Vixens VWI meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 8pm via Zoom. The meetings are completely free until April 2021 when subs are due in the same way as any other WI.   If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining them for a fun-filled and varied calendar of events in 2021, email surreyvwi@gmail.com and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to  keep up date with what they are up to!

Congratulations to our President on the safe arrival of her first granddaughter in January 2021!  Some happy news.

Jacky completed this puzzle recently. It is called 'Rainbow Heroes' and is supporting the Samaritans with its sales. Captain Tom is at the top,  very up to date. Jacky enjoyed doing it.

Following our very interesting talk and slide show on "Behind the scenes of RHS Chelsea Flower Show" members enjoyed seeing spring flowers arranged in a tea cup.  Here are some of the arrangements beautifully arranged by members.  To see who has arranged the flowers below, hover your mouse over each picture.

WI Womblers busy wombling on Aaron's Hill, making the environment nicer for all of us.  More "Wombles" needed!

Some of our members holding paintings which Margaret Atkins painted and framed before she died.  One of these beautiful pictures will be donated to the church for everyone to see. A lovely memory of a special lady.

Easter Goody bags being assembled ready for distribution, socially distanced of course!

Jeanette, as the Easter Bunny about to deliver goody bags to our members to make their day!

Jacky with her special basket ready to visit members on a beautiful sunny day.

Jacky in her Easter Bonnet ready for the

Surrey Vixen's WI meeting on line!

Our new Walking Group at Witley Common.  Gillian, Jacky with Wendy and her two dogs walking in sunshine and snow showers! Typical April weather!

Wendy's dogs Chuckles and Kerry with snow on them!

Jacky held a very sucessful art session recently, in her garden.  She and Kris painted tiles ready for the new Art Studio which will be officially opened on 3rd May by the Godalming Mayor.  

Games in the garden on a beautiful sunny afternoons.  Here is a game of Rummikub.

Well Done The Womblers!

6 intrepid WI members (pictured left) collected 5

bags of rubbish from Aarons Hill and Eashing Lane.  Next date for going 'Wombling' TBC.

Barbara and Hilda "Keeping Britian Tidy" in 2000 on Ockford Ridge.   Sadly this is still very relevant today.


Several members went on a Sunday afternoon walk to Peper Harrow with their four legged friends!  Pictured left are Dinah, Jacky and Wendy sitting on the bench dedicated to Jacky's husband George, outside Peper Harrow Church.


Here is the Mayor opening the new "Jaytees" Art Studio recently. She is pictured (left) cutting the ribbon. WI members are invited to join in with various art projects.  Speak to Jacky.

Ramster Garden outing to view the sculptures.

The walking group at Witley Common recently.  New members are always welcome!

18th June

The first Chinthurst Six Meeting! Enjoying afternoon tea at 'Changing Perceptions' in Godalming on a very wet afternoon!

Our recent Committee Meeting "face to face" in the fresh air.  It was wonderful seeing everyone and, of course there was cake!

Our delicious Cream tea at Secretts.  We were able to meet face to face with our WI friends and have a proper chat under the grape vine which gave much needed shade on a very hot afternoon.  Wonderful!  A big "Thank you" to Niki.

Gillian and Jacky were able to pick some strawberries (pictured above left).  Diana and Beryl (above right)