Our Clubs and Groups


We read lots of interesting and exciting books!
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Next meeting Tuesday 6th July

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Book Club

Lunch Club

We meet at a variety of local 'hostelries' to enjoy a drink and a good lunch. 

Next meeting Wednesday 23rd June at Richmond Arms for lunch.

Suggestions for a Sunday Pub Lunch please to Jeanette 


Scrabble Club

We love playing Scrabble!

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Stitch & Chat


We are a group of Knitters and Chatterboxes! There are various arts and crafts undertaken by our members and we can learn from each other. All good fun. 




We have visits to all sorts of interesting places during the year. 


 Watch this space for further outings nearer the time!


Craft Sessions

We have occasional special Craft Sessions.  A tile painting session will take place on Tuesday 22nd June 2-4  at Jackys.


Check out previous Craft sessions


Theatre Trips

We enjoy occasional visits to local amateur & professional shows.   

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Outside Scrabble in the sunshine.