Using Zoom


Zoom is a computer & Internet tool that allows people to communicate using voice and video wherever they are in the world.  We use it to have WI meetings whilst we are all in Lockdown.


How does it work?


A member of the meeting (known as the Host) sends an email to all intended participants.  This email contains a Link to a website, a Meeting ID and a Password which are used to gain access to the meeting (the latter two are not always needed).  Zoom for a Host?  See the end of this article.


Installing Zoom - it's not difficult, follow these simple steps.


It is much simpler to download and install the Zoom application in advance of an actual meeting, to do so simply follow these instructions:


  1. Click here to go to the download page:
  2. Click on the Cookie agreement and then the Done button.
  3. Back on the download page look for the Run, Save, Cancel prompt at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click on 'Run'.
  5. After a few moments the installer progress bar will appear
  6. You will then be presented with the Zoom startup dialog, so click Join a 'Meeting'.
  7. At this point you can exit or, to join a meeting if you have already received an invitation, continue at step 8:
  8. Next, enter the Meeting ID as per the invitation email and Click 'Join'.
  9. Next enter the Password, again from the invite and click 'Join Meeting'
  10. You now have the option to join with or without 'Video', IE with the the camera on or off.


Joining a meeting when Zoom is already installed


  1. When you get the email and at the appropriate time, start Zoom
  2. Click on the link in the email and wait until the 'Zoom Preview' appears, this can take up to a minute.
  3. Click on 'Join with Video'.
  4. You will get a 'Please Wait' message and the Host member will then admit you to the meeting.


Leaving the meeting at any time and when finished


To leave the meeting move your cursor down the the bottom right of the meeting window where the text 'Leave Meeting' will apear.


No sound or video?


On first use it is possible that your camera and microphone are not active, this can occur in Windows 10 or with an iPad.


For resolving on an iPad, see these instructions


For Windows 10 follow these instructions:


  1. Go to Windows Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone and Camera
  2. You will see entries on the left for Camera & Microphone, click on each one in turn, clicking on the little 'button' to the right of each one so it turns green and the 'button' is next to the word 'on'.
  3. Finish by clicking on the' X' in the top right of the screen.


Zoom for Hosts


If you wish to be the Meeting Host, that is, initiate the meeting and invite guests, proceed as follows:

  1. Assuming you have Zoom installed and have an account, start it othwise get it installed as above.
  2. Click on 'Sign In'
  3. Enter the email address and the password you used when registering your account, then click 'Sign In'
  4. When the 'Zoom Panel' appears, click on 'New Meeting'.
  5. If it apears, click on 'Join with Computer Audio'
  6. Now you need to invite Participants (Guests) so move your cusor down the the bottom-centre of the window and a toolbar will appear.
  7. Click on the 'Invite' button.
  8. If you have all your Contacts you can invite them here, otherwise click 'Email'
  9. Choose which email option, I suggest 'Default Email'
  10. Your email application will open with the body of the email already completed with the invitation, you can edit this is if you wish to add additional instructions or information such as the time of the meeting.
  11. You now need to address the email, either with individual email addresses, or a previously completed Mailing List which has all the required addresses contained within it.  Send the email!
  12. When meeting attendees begin to join they will be listed to the right of the window and you will need to individually enable each one in turn.  This is a new feature to prevent unwanted intrusion by uninvited 'guests'.